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Evidence for Large Scale Neutral Hydrogen Gas Absorption in the Environments of Lyman Alpha Emitters

By statistically combining the spectra of thousands of distant galaxy spectra, in a technique astronomers call “stacking”, we can see very faint spectral features that are otherwise undetectable in individual galaxies. In a previous post, we shared the work of […]

HETDEX presents at the AAS 224 in New Orleans

We had a great time sharing some of the early science results from HETDEX at the American Astronomical Society’s 224th Annual Meeting held in New Orleans. A small team of HETDEX researchers joined the 3400 other attendees in one of […]

Revealing the Secrets of Lyman Alpha Emitters: The Power of Stacking

  The study of Lyman Alpha Emitters (LAEs) provides a unique window into the early universe, allowing us to unravel the mysteries of galaxy formation and evolution. The HETDEX survey will ultimately map out the 3D positions of over one […]

Galaxy Goldmine, including 50 thousand distant galaxies, revealed in HETDEX’s first publicly released source catalog

Astronomers have barely scratched the surface of mapping the nearly endless stars and galaxies of the heavens. Using supercomputers, researchers with The University of Texas at Austin have now revealed the locations of more than 200,000 new astronomical objects. Their […]

Dark Energy
The Expanding Universe and HETDEX’s Research

There is an unknown force causing the Universe to expand faster as it ages. Explore the history of the Universe and what we currently understand about its evolution and destiny.