HETDEX researchers and partner institutions encourage involvement in this research.

Dark Energy Explorers
Identify distant galaxies to help measure dark energy when the universe was just 2-3 billion years old.

Check out our free community science application and help hunt down signal in our data to classify distant galaxies of interest.

“Dark Energy Explorers” hosted by zooniverse is free and easy to use. You can help us classify distant Lyman Alpha Emitting galaxies that HETDEX will map in 3D space to fit key cosmological parameters in the early universe. This map will help determine the role that dark energy plays in the growth of galaxies and large-scale structure.

Download the Zooniverse App for your Apple or Android device and search for “Dark Energy Explorers” to swipe right or left to find the real galaxy signal.

Explore the Zooniverse
Expand the Research and Access the Data
HETDEX aims to collect and share access to over 600 million fiber spectra with this project.

We invite you to explore HETDEX data sets and other findings. Let us know what you learn!

Data Access
In the Classroom
Discover resources below to examine dark energy in your classroom or other educational setting.

Classroom teachers, librarians, and science educators may incorporate dark energy into their learning environments with a variety of resources from videos, interactive virtual programs, and workshops at the observatory and elsewhere.

Resources & Events
Learn More About Dark Energy

There is an unknown force causing the Universe to expand faster as it ages. Explore the history of the Universe and what we currently understand about its evolution and destiny.

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