Identify distant galaxies to help measure dark energy when the universe was just 2-3 billion years old.

Check out our free community science application and help hunt down signal in our data to classify distant galaxies of interest.

“Dark Energy Explorers” hosted by zooniverse is free and easy to use. You can help us classify distant Lyman Alpha Emitting galaxies that HETDEX will map in 3D space to fit key cosmological parameters in the early universe. This map will help determine the role that dark energy plays in the growth of galaxies and large-scale structure.

Explore the Zooniverse on your desktop click here!

Or scan the QR code to download the Zooniverse App for your Apple or Android device and search for Dark Energy Explorers to swipe right or left to find the real galaxy signal.



Interested in more? Check out our YouTube Channel to join for live events or watch some of the previous ones, like a virtual tour of the Hobby-Eberly Telescope.

Check our Dark Energy Explorers in the press down below!


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