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17 March 2014
Tracking HET’s Progress

7 October 2013
VIRUS Units Come Together

9 September 2013
Last Look at Sky Before Upgrade

10 May 2013
Mirror Coating Smooths the Way for HET Upgrade

 Dark energy is not only terribly important for astronomy, it's the central problem for physics. It's been the bone in our throat for a long time.”

Steven Weinberg
Nobel Laureate
University of Texas at Austin




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One of the four fundamental forces in the universe, it is a property of matter that "warps" the space around it, causing an attraction between two objects. The magnitude of gravitational attraction depends directly on mass and inversely on distance squared. In other words, if you move twice as far from an object, its gravitational pull on you will be only one-fourth as strong. Gravity was a more dominant force in the early universe, since the universe was smaller and there was less distance between objects. As the universe has expanded, dark energy appears to have become more dominant, pushing the galaxies apart at a faster rate.

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