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28 June 2015
Sophisticated set of mirrors will sharpen, widen HET’s view of the sky

31 March 2015
Engineers install, test cryogenic system

17 March 2014
Tracking HET’s Progress

7 October 2013
VIRUS Units Come Together

9 September 2013
Last Look at Sky Before Upgrade

10 May 2013
Mirror Coating Smooths the Way for HET Upgrade

 Dark energy is not only terribly important for astronomy, it's the central problem for physics. It's been the bone in our throat for a long time.”

Steven Weinberg
Nobel Laureate
University of Texas at Austin




A video introduction to dark energy, narrated by StarDate's Sandy Wood - Play video


Dark matter

A form of matter that emits no detectable energy, but that reveals its presence by exerting a gravitational pull on the visible matter around it, such as stars and galaxies. Dark matter appears to make up more than 80 percent of all the matter in the universe. The leading hypothesis says that it consists of a new type of elementary particles, usually described as "wimps" -- weakly interacting massive particles.

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